Model No. US 200

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Product Description
  • Full digital beam forming technology
  • All Focus technology : Transmit and Receive both direction point-point focusing
  • Ultra low transmit power one eight of transmit ultra sound power comparing to traditional beam forming method
  • Powerful adjustable image processing 128 level of total gain adjustment, Y-adjustment, gray scale adjustment, frame mixing 80 level of dynamic range adjustment
  • Complete application packages, easy user interface, accurate measurement
  • Other functions screen protects and probe protects, light keyboard, permanent storage and software update function

Technical Features

  • Scanning mode : B, B/B, B/M, Varied zoom
  • Cine loop 384 frames
  • Real time fixing zooming, wide range Y adjustment, window curve control, STC Curve, Frame correlation, 256 gray scale, cine loop and image storage, dynamic range, edge enhancement, image reverse function
  • Bodymark : 60 types
  • Measurement and Calculation : Distance, Perimeter, Area, Volume, Heart rate, Depth, Time, Speed, LV [left ventricle], AO [Aorta], MV [Mitral Valve], RV/LV, GS, BPD, CRL, FL, GL, TAD, LV, OFD, AC, HC, pregnant week and fetal weight
  • OB report and LMP functions
  • Video out PAL, SVGA
  • ID, date, time, focus gauge, Hospital name, measuring value, gray scale, probe type and frequency, probe position, display mode, scan direction, multiple — ratio, focus, puncture, guidelines, image processing and notes
  • 2.5 ~ 5 MHz Phased array probe
  • 5 ~ 7.5 MHz Convex Vaginal Probe
  • 2.5 ~ 5 MHz Linear Abdomen probe
  • 6.5 ~ 8 MHz Linear Facial Probe
  • B/W video printer, USB printer
  • USB DVD writer
  • USB standard 101 Keyboard and USB mouse